More People Love the Master Healing Practitioner Training

The Master Healing Practitioner Training program is for the person who is ready for personal growth and has a growth mindset! You are someone who not only wants to thrive as a practitioner, you want to have the most positive impact you can!

The better YOU are, the better you will be as a healing practitioner. So our training program doesn’t just show you how to work with others. It shows you how to work with yourself and understand yourself and then others. There is no training program like this!

Once you embark on a healing journey, it isn’t over; it’s just begun. So we work with you to give you real life skills that you can use and use to be effective with to coach and train your clients. When clients find you can give them the answers they are looking for, others will seek you out!

You can be a Master Healer with our exclusive training that gives you a Hypnosis Certification and so much more. Our monthly hybrid training program utilizes live in-person training, live zoom training, videos and self-directed training for a 12-month POWERHOUSE of training in several healing modalities!


Month One: Self-Awareness

Month Two: Healing

Month Three: Forgiveness

Month Four: Emotional Freedom

Month Five: Hypnosis

Month Six: Hypnosis

Month Seven: Past Life Exploration

Month Eight: Marketing

Month Nine: Website Development

Month Ten: Practice

Month Eleven: Putting it All Together

Month Twelve: Master Q&A and Graduation

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